10 Common Errors When Naming Life Insurance Beneficiaries

Here's How to Fix That So You Protect the People You Love, from Ask the Experts' Maria Martinez-Siemel Most schools started up again ...

Marriage Equality: Equal Rights and Equal Responsibilities

Insights from Ask the Experts' Gretchen Walther of Walther Family Law After a long wait, it's finally legal to do what your hearts ...

'Ride the beast' - Lucy Hoag (1998: Who's in there?)

Lucy Hoag was a Wilson Middle School seventh-grader with a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas of "Home Improvement" when she and friend ...

'Happiness ... earned' - Megan deYoung (2007: State of Flux)

In 2007, when she was profiled in "State of Flux," University of New Mexico student Megan deYoung was an idealistic newlywed. "Boy, has ...

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Success is all about family for attorney

Maria Martinez-Siemel, right, with her daughter, Pilar

Introducing María Martínez-Siemel, of Ask the Experts It's all about family for estate planning attorney María Martínez-Siemel, one of the newest members of the Ask the Experts panel on the Sage magazine website at abqjournalsage.com. That's what brought her back to New Mexico after she got her undergraduate degree from Rice University in Houston. And family is what informed her career path moving into estate law after being on a pre-med track. Martí... Read More


Breaking up doesn’t have to break you

Carolyn Flynn, editor, Sage magazine

After 17 years in family law, attorney Gretchen Walther says she sometimes wishes lawyers took the medical doctor's "do no harm" oath. The more she practices collaborative law, the more she is aware that the law and family relationships have very little to do with each other. Walther joins the Sage magazine Ask the Experts panel at abqjournalsage.com with her blog, which debuts today. In the United States, much of the law is based on individual rights - one person's rig... Read More


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4 Steps You Should Take to Protect Your Money


4 Steps You Should Take to Protect Your Money Estate planning tips from Ask the Experts’ Mari …


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Nominations for the Making a Difference Award are now closed. Winners will be announced in the May 3 print edition of Sage magazine and on this website. Winners are to be honored at a luncheon April 24 featuring keynote speaker LaDonna Harris, founder of Americans for Indian Opportunity. About next year in 2015, the Making […]


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Souffled omelet elevates the egg


Leaving aside anything made with powdered eggs (which don’t really count as eggs at all in my …